Sanskriti Global Pre-School: Fostering the Unique Potential in Each Child : Silicon India

Conceptual, Connection, Comprehension and Cultural) and thereby ensuring appropriate development of student’s BMS: Body, Mind and Soul through experiential learning. It’s quite evident that the focus lies on the overall development of the child and not just on the academics. While self help skills like agriculture and life skills like entrepreneurship are inculcated from a young age, yoga and meditation are a part of the daily schedule.

Sanskriti also realizes the significance of nutrition and diet in a child’s development and hence a nutritious meal, ‘Edu-nutro’ meal, designed to promote health and stimulate learning, is provided to the child. Annually, a development milestone report is prepared to indicate the development of every child based on several meticulous parameters including physical (gross motor and fine motor) and socio-emotional development.

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