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Sansrev Global Edu Pvt ltd has been established in the year 2017. It is an education company specializing in providing Preschool & K-12 school franchise and various other educational services & tools.

Sansrev is a Franchisor for Sanskriti Global Preschool, Sanskriti Primary and K-12 School. Both these brands are promoted as 100% franchise owned model across  India and Abroad.

The Brand Sanskriti

Sansrev offers Sanskriti Global Preschool, Sanskriti School franchise to Individuals, Property owners, Businessmen those who are passionate about education.

Sanskriti school strives to enhance a child’s physical, social, emotional, and intellectual development in the most crucial years of the child’s growth. We encourage children to inculcate a positive attitude towards learning, which will hold them in good stead throughout life. To meet this goal, it is essential to help children set realistic goals and undertake challenges in school that would hone their skills.

Sanskriti school’s distinct tradition, culture of innovation and indomitable school spirit, provides a fertile learning field for the New Age Child. Sanskriti school is an inclusive school where we have students of varying abilities with personalised attention. The teacher’s role is more to inspire than to teach – to be a facilitator, role model and a guide.

Creating a quality learning environment involves everyone – parents, students, teachers, support staff and volunteers, each bringing a unique perspective and contribution towards fulfilling the school’s philosophy. They are essential ingredients of our school’s continuing success.

Why Sanskriti Franchise?

Curriculum Support

  • Academic Calendar
  • Lesson Plans
  • Teacher Resources
  • Student worksheets
  • Assessments
  • Mobile App for Parents to access digital content

School Setup Support:

  • Advise on  finalising the right school building/property.
  • Advise on choosing the right furniture and play equipment.
  •  Advice on interior design and painting.
  •  Advise on setting up office rooms and classrooms.
  •  Advise on setting various labs (for primary & K-12 school).

Training Support:

  • Counseling and Administration
  • Academic Training (Academic Head/Teachers)

Recruitment Support:

  •  Sourcing and Interviewing the candidates.

Operational Support:

  • Parent Orientation.
  • Teachers Orientation to align them with our methodology.
  •  General Administration support.
  •  School ERP  for Parents Communication, Attendance, Assessments, Fee, Transport, etc.
  • Mobile App for parents (Both administrative and Digital Content)
  •  Operational Audits
  •  Academic Audits

Marketing Support:

  • Providing required Designs for various marketing activities
  • Digital marketing to create a brand presence in your territory
  • Collaborative marketing activities

Premises required for Preschool:

Preferably any independent building with 4 to 5 rooms with area total area of 2000 to 2300 Sq ft plus. A a multi-storied building with ground and first floors is also good.  A building with an open play area will be an added advantage. Ideally  building should be closer to Residential Area

Investment required for Preschool:

Rs.8 to 15 lacs depending on the location/city/area. Please call us more details.

Premises Required for Primary School:

A Building with 7000 to 8000 Sq ft area (10 to 12 rooms) approximately, preferably with an open play area to run the school from Kindergarten to Grade 5.

Investment required for  Primary School

Rs.25 to 30 lacs and school building cost(Owned/Rented) depending on the location/city/area. Please call us more details.

Premises required for K-12 School:

A Building of 12000 to 14000 Sqft area (15 to 20 rooms) approximately, with open play area to run school from Kindergarten to Class X (State Board).

To start a CBSE school, the land and school building are should be as per the  CBSE guidelines (Land Area 1500 Sq. yards to 5000 sq. yards and 15,000 to 30,000 sft built-up area is required depending on the proposed location of the school).

Investment required for  K-12  School

Rs.50 to 70 lacs and school building cost(Owned/Rented) depending on the location/city/area. Please call us more details.

To know more about Sanskriti visit our websites

Sanskriti Preschool
Sanskriti K-12 Schools

Learn O play is a brand for educational tools – The learning naturally happens through play-way methods. Our TLMs are made with felt material, are eco-friendly, colorful, and attractive. We specialize in educational products made as soft toys where fun and learning go hand in hand.

laying with Learn o Play aids helps in the overall development of the child with special attention to the enhancement of fine motor skills and visual-spatial skill (eye-hand coordination). Playing with Learn o Play aids gives an opportunity for the children to explore their sensorial, motor, emotional, and intellectual potential. It also enhances their creativity and memory skills. Learn o Play has a wide range of collection including many theme-based aids where learning becomes real fun. The concept and design of the Learn o Play educational aids is surely an eye-catcher.

Little hands need to develop dexterity and strength, which are very essential for doing important tasks such as writing, drawing, buttoning, zipping, etc. While using the Learn O Play aids, the child uses the smaller muscles of the hands, fingers, and wrist.

Fine motor skills and visual-spatial skills are enhanced through aids like lacing, knitting, weaving, buttoning, zipping, sewing, etc. Alphabet book, Number cupcakes, Abacus, Number chart, and Math set helps the children in developing the intellectual skills while cognitive skills, memory skills, problem-solving skills can be improved by using puzzles, which builds their self-confidence and self-esteem. The sandpaper alphabet develops wrist agility and coordination for writing by means of muscular and visual memory.

The Learn O Play’s aim is to make learning fun while taking into account the holistic development of the child.

Educational Consulting Services

Sansrev as school consultants offers expertise to set up value enabled progressive schools. We provide our partner with consistent tailor made support services built on the know-how.

Consultancy services to our partners in the following areas:

Setup Support

  • Financial feasibility of schools and budgetary planning
  • Defining the vision of the school through intensive discussions and handholding
  • Creating the roadmap to cover  all the functions related to academics, administration and human resource services
  • Designing Standard Operating Procedures; Manuals; Handbooks; Staff Handbooks; Parent Handbooks
  • Preparing lists of equipment for laboratories, ICT labs, furniture (fixed and movable), Music and Physical Education, Checklists for various Administrative Functions for Governance of the schools.

Curriculum Support (IMAGO)

IMAGO curriculum, the child is developed holistically through “SEVEN SPHERES OF DEVELOPMENT APPROACH” – Creative, Collaborative, Conceptual, Connect, Comprehensive, Critical thinking and Cultural. This approach aims to develop compassionate and productive human beings who are capable to go global with deep cultural roots and lead an empowered life for themselves and those around them.

Recruitment Support

  • We help you recruit the Educators who build your institution with our expertise of recruiting educationists. We recruit the key position holders for you and enable them to build their team.
  • A program for Principals, Administrators, and the Key Leadership team of a school

Marketing Support

  • Site Feasibility Study and Competitive Analysis
  • Drafting the Marketing Budgets and ATL / BTL Plan
  • Providing the Brand Manual and Brand Guidelines
  • Vetting on ads / brochures / hoardings / collaterals
  • web site design and digital marketing campaigns
  • Training of Counselors and PRO’s and setting up the MIS processes
  • Guidance in planning events and school launch
  • Guidance on generating walk-ins and monitoring of admission numbers as per targets


IT Support

ERP Solution: It is a composite and centralized ERP system – an online platform linking all stakeholders in the ecosystem to enable administrative ease.

It has all the necessary modules such as Finance, Lead management, inventory, etc.

  • Ease of administration
  • Remotely manageable
  • Instant reports and course correction
  • Integrated with academic implementation


IT Infrastructure:

Help to access new technologies quickly & cost-effectively. Working with School management on the design and overall organization of a School’s computer system, Website, Server & Network architecture.



Why Sansrev

  • Experience and the expertise of running academic institutions of repute
  • Engage in a long term commitment with our collaborators
  • Provide a meaningful fusion of global practices and customization suited to the local context of the partner organization
  • Customize and implement change programs for your school
  • Ensure quality and objectivity through our active involvement

Bring corporate excellence in our approach leveraging our association with our promoters’ company

IMAGO – Our Curriculum

According to our VEDAS and now even acceptable cosmically, human being consist of body, mind, intellect and soul and a comprehensive system of education is one that ensures collective and simultaneous development of all these. Keeping this in mind and remaining abreast with NCERT and CBSE guidelines Sanskriti is developed CURRICULUM and the course material.

Life is an interaction of the wholes, rather than a collection of parts. A child has to be seen as a whole person with Body, Mind and Soul (BMS). Holistic education includes a variety of learning approaches to meet the child’s diverse learning needs. Holistic development is the base of our “SEVEN SPHERES OF DEVELOPMENT APPROACH”.

Seven Spheres of Development approach is designed to enrich all the aspects of a child development and to give a holistic development to the child, to become a whole learner by using their multiple intelligences.

In IMAGO curriculum, the child is developed holistically through “SEVEN SPHERES OF DEVELOPMENT APPROACH” – Creative, Collaborative, Conceptual, Connect, Comprehensive, Critical thinking and Cultural. This approach aims to develop compassionate and productive human beings who are capable to go global with deep cultural roots and lead an empowered life for self and those around them.


Our Academy is catering to JEE/AIIMS/NEET(PMTs) and State engineering and medical entrance examination aspirants.


Being in the industry and directly involved with students for past 2 years, Sansrev is benefiting 100s of students every year. Moreover, we have seen that many talented students could not make it because of the non-availability of quality coaching at their disposal.


Sansrev  prepares all the students in for JEE/Medical in a pattern proof mode and we are the academy  where students perform will not only in JEE or NEET, but also in other engineering, medical examinations and the board exams.

About our coaching program

  • A program that eliminates the stress on the student.
  • A program for both Boards as well as JEE (Main & Advanced)/NEET(Medical) / Other Competitive Entrance Exam Preparation – that will complement each other.
  • A program that runs in sync with the current syllabus of the school and follows the school’s calendar.
  • A study plan that will ease out the pressure on the time for the student – unlocking lots of extra time required / must for self-studies, which you would not have got earlier and also giving student sufficient time for co-curricular activities, sports, and social activities etc which are so important for students personality development.
  • Experience Faculty
  • Online platform for regular assessments.


About the course

Preschool Teacher Training Programme is an initiative by “Sanskriti Academic Team”,  Being in Top 10 preschools in South India with 20 years of excellence in the preschool field, SANSKRITI GLOBAL PRESCHOOL has set unparalleled standards in the Early Childhood Education.

Over the years of dedicated research, we have developed the best-in-class curriculum called IMAGO  has introduced Preschool Teacher Training Programme.

The knowledge, skills, and practices of early childhood educators (the preschool teachers) are important factors in determining how much a young child learns. Thus the preschool teachers should have a deeper understanding of child development and early education issues and provide richer educational experiences for all children. So there is a need to have quality educators in the field of preschool. This teacher training course will lead to the creation of the best quality educators in the preschool segment.

Programme Highlights

  • Instructional theory lectures with a hands-on learning experience
  • Workshops on various topics to equip preschool teacher trainees to face the challenges in the field of preschool training.
  • Paid Internship in Sanskriti Global preschool.
  • Child Psychology & Child Behavior management
  • The quality class practices for the teacher to have an effective class management
  • Job Placement – Assistance to the participants to get a job at SANSKRITI GLOBAL PRESCHOOL and it’s centered as per the availability and achievements.
  • At the end of the course, the trainee will be given the Preschool Teacher training course completion certificate and Experience certificate based on the Internship.

Course Details

  • Time duration: 1 year
  • Theory – Saturdays
  • Internship (on the job learning) – Monday to Friday
  • Batch Capacity – 20 participants
  • Eligibility – Female candidates. Minimum HSC Passed or Equivalent and above 18 years of age.



  1. Module 1: Early Child care and education
  2. Module 2: Stages of Child Growth and development, Aspects of Child development
  3. Module 3: Child Psychology and Education
  4. Module 4: Physical Development
  5. Module 5: Language development
  6. Module 6: Cognitive development
  7. Module 7: Creative Development
  8. Module 8: Social Development
  9. Module 9: Methods of teaching
  10. Module 10: Discipline Vs Guidance and Counselling
  11. Module 11: Child care and health (Food and Nutrition)
  12. Module 12: Maintaining daily routines
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