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Lean O Play – Educational Tools (TLMs)

Learn O play is a brand for educational tools – The learning naturally happens through play way methods. Our TLMs are made with felt material, are eco-friendly, colorful and attractive. We specialize in educational products made as soft toys where fun and learning goes hand in hand.

Playing with Learn o Play aids helps in the overall development of the child with special attention to the enhancement of fine motor skills and visual spatial skill (eye hand coordination). Playing with Learn o Play aids gives an opportunity for the children to explore their sensorial, motor, emotional and intellectual potential. It also enhances their creative and memory skills. Learn o Play has a wide range of collection including many theme based aids where learning becomes a real fun. The concept and design of the Learn o Play educational aids is surely an eye catcher.

Little hands need to develop dexterity and strength, which are very essential for doing important tasks such as writing, drawing, buttoning, zipping, etc. While using the Learn O Play aids, the child uses the smaller muscles of the hands, fingers and wrist.

Fine motor skills and visual spatial skills are enhanced through aids like lacing, knitting, weaving, buttoning, zipping, sewing, etc. Alphabet book, Number cupcakes, Abacus, Number chart and Math set helps the children in developing the intellectual skills while cognitive skills, memory skills, problem solving skills can be improved by using puzzles, which builds their self-confidence and self-esteem. Sand paper alphabet develops wrist agility and coordination for writing by means of muscular and visual memory.

The Learn O Play’s aim is to make learning fun while taking into account the holistic development of the child.

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