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Sanskriti Global Preschool Franchise

Early-childhood-experiences are crucial for a child’s healthy development and lifelong learning. In this period (three to five years) of rapid physical and mental growth, children are capable of absorbing more information than in the later years. The way a child develops during this time affects his/her future cognitive, social, and emotional, language, and physical development, which in turn influences school-readiness and later success in life. But in order to groom a child towards the right path, it’s imperative to start with the fact that each child is unique. Sanskriti Global Pre-School, a distinctive brand in education, which is inextricably linked with value-based, outcome-driven education, appreciates this uniqueness in each child.

Chanting the mantra: ‘Each Child Matters’, and thereby assuring the right platform for children’s holistic development, Sanskriti builds a solid and broad foundation for lifelong learning and well being of every child.

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I am happy being franchisee and mother with Sanskriti
Imago curriculum we are able to focus on the 7 ‘C’s which is in fact very important, keeping in mind the changing times – My parents are happy and I am happy for Associating with Sanskriti

Ms. Shalini
Franchisee Owner, Sanskriti Global Preschool

Why Sanskriti Franchise

Play Group, Nursery, Pre-Primary I and Pre-Primary II

Curriculum Support

  • Academic Calendar
  • Lesson Plans
  • Teacher Resources
  • Student worksheets
  • Assessments
  • Mobile App for Parents to access digital content

Recruitment Support:

  • Sourcing and Interviewing the candidates

Operational Support:

  • Parent Orientation.
  • Teachers Orientation to align them with our methodology.
  •  General Administration support.
  • Mobile App for parents (Both administrative  and Digital Content)
  •  Operational Audits
  •  Academic Audits

School Setup Support:

  • Support in identifying the right property for the school
  • Advise on choosing the right furniture and play equipment.
  • Advice on interior design and painting.
  • Advise on setting up office rooms and classrooms.
  • Advise on setting various labs (for primary & K-12 school)

Training Support:

  • Counseling and Administration
  • Curriculum Training to Principal/Teachers

Marketing Support:

  • Providing required Designs for various marketing activities
  • Digital marketing to create a brand presence in your territory
  • Collaborative marketing activities

Important Information:

Preferably any independent building with 4 to 5 rooms with area total area of 2000 to 2300 Sq ft plus. A a multi-storied building with ground and first floors is also good.  A building with an open play area will be an added advantage. Ideally  building should be closer to Residential Area.

Rs.8 to 15 lacs and school building cost(Owned/Rented) depending on the location/city/area. Please contact us for more details.

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