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Why Sanskriti – A School of Wonders!

I threw a random question to a group of working professionals as to what is the most memorable period of their lives. Without a second thought, they excitingly said “School days”. I was happy indeed to be not surprised by their answer because even I agree with them probably not because that I was a bookworm but because of the care free days of discipline without the major burdens of life. There’s always a good reason when something feels right in spite of the stringent rules, the structured time table, the punishments given by the teachers, preparing for the exams, postpartum of the assessment papers that striped us apart.

This brought me to a conclusion about how we are used to measure success in educational parameters. Exam scores have their place, for sure. But do they acquaint us with everything we need to know — namely, are our young ones getting even close to what makes life worthwhile? Are we paying attention to the emotional indicators that help our children tell the difference between what is of lasting value and what is not?  Are we teaching them to listen and trust their own inner voice, or are we demanding that they ignore this intuitive wisdom in the service of someone adobe cs6 master collection serial number list else’s setup? When was the last time we asked students if they were really happy – and actually listened to them?

If reaping great rewards is what we are looking for ourselves and for our children, then why not strive for happy learning and good things for the generation next?

For a blissful learning, the foremost quintessential is a cheerful and jubilant environment where the happiness of the child can flourish and experience the fruits of joy. As we all know that a playful child is better adaptive, healthier, a great learner, depict emotional literacy and is well behaved. Student’s academic performance and social success is directly proportional to his/her level of contentment.

Every child is special and unique in its own way. Some love to spend time in school but for some it is a mere struggle. Going to school, learning, peer pressures, claustrophobic classrooms, competitions that are cut throat, assessments, high expectation of the parents and the teachers could be very stressful for the child and is highly responsible for defining the realms of childhood for a child. Thus, providing a healthy, lively and safe learning environment to nurture the child through joyful learning process is need of the hour.

‘Sanskriti’ means ‘Culture’, a culture which strives to encourage the thought of ‘knowledge is liberation’ holds the cornerstone around which the character and personality of every child is built. To enhance a child’s physical, social, emotional, and intellectual development in the most crucial years of the child’s growth reflects the spirit and the philosophy of Sanskriti.

It’s indomitable spirit to provide the right inputs to help the children grow up into caring and sharing individuals, equipped to make the right choices in life & be known as responsible citizens of the country & the world, provides a fertile learning field for the New Age Child. Baixakis At Sanskriti, we work towards brinItalianoproging about a holistic development of the children who are entrusted to our care. We live up to the understanding that a teacher’s role Crackeadois more to inspire than to teach – to be a facilitator, role model and a guide.

Sanskriti aims to provide a concrete environment where a child feels good, makes friends, interacts and approaches teachers in an open manner. A happy child will eventually office torrent become a better problem solver, think critically and will be highly motivated to grow into a positive human being.

Sanskriti School offers the child, a highly optimistic platform of dreams which makes sure that the budding child is blessed with love and do wonders throughout his learning career.

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